The Departments


As each member of the body is different in function but all work together for a common good, so do the various departments of the church.



Garry A. Gordon, Pastor

Adventist Youth   Education
  Public Affairs & Religious Liberty
Tanisha Jones,   Jannette Hill,   Neville Williams,
Church Clerks   Elders   Ushers
Marsha Samuels,   Ezra Quarrie,   Marcia Gordon,
Communication   Family Life   Sabbath School
Rubena Guy,   Shelly & Karl Pinnock,   Monica Dixon,
    Men's Ministry    
Community Service   Women's Ministry - Doris Quarrie   Safety
Olive Fisher,   Singles' Ministry - Isolyn Anderson   Marvin Lewis,
Deaconesses   Health   Seniors
Judith Hudson,   Yvette Lewis,   Osborne Guy,
Deacons   Pathfinders & Adventurers
  Social Affairs
Donald Martin Sr.,   Marlene Hunt, Pathfinder Director
Shana Forrester-Andrew, Adventurer Director 
  Hyacinth James,
Disability   Personal Ministries   Stewardship
Leo Martin,   Everton Prince Sr.,   Floyd Wilson,
Interest Coordinator Prison Ministries Technology
Luciana Esnard, Livingstone Wright, Dave Adden,